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Caged Bead Earrings by jounouchichan Caged Bead Earrings :iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 1 1 Lake Ella - 2 Oct 2011 - 4 by jounouchichan Lake Ella - 2 Oct 2011 - 4 :iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 0 0 Lake Ella - 2 Oct 2011 - 3 by jounouchichan Lake Ella - 2 Oct 2011 - 3 :iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 0 0 Lake Ella - 2 Oct 2011 - 2 by jounouchichan Lake Ella - 2 Oct 2011 - 2 :iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 1 0 Lake Ella - 2 Oct 2011 - 1 by jounouchichan Lake Ella - 2 Oct 2011 - 1 :iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 0 0
Yu-Gi-Oh: Unbreakable
Warnings: alternate universe, fusion fic, hurt/comfort, families of choice, healing
Once again, read the author's notes below.
Jounouchi Katsuya could easily divide his life into neatly labelled sections, each one with a distinct beginning and ending.
There was When We Were Family, a time that seemed almost to be mythical by now. That was the part of life when his parents were still together and happily married, when Shizuka was a cherubic little brat who wasn't yet able to begin her magical studies, when he himself was only a few years from starting his own training to be one of the Kawai Lords.
There was After Yuugi Died, when everything stopped making sense. His best friend was murdered in cold blood, the one person not related to him by blood who cared about him, gone with a bullet. He had stopped caring about anything, wandered into the wrong side of town on purpose, hoping to be killed so he could at least see Yuugi for even a second again.
It might be note
:iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 0 0
Avengers: Famine
Warnings: starvation, healing, family of choice, hurt/comfort
It had been far too long since his last real meal, taken in the great halls of the palace prior to Thor's failed coronation. After that there'd been a few brief respites during the days of his brother's exile, but no true feasts. Then when he had fallen from what had never truly been home in the first place, he'd felt the raw edges of hunger begin to gnaw at his stomach, reminding him that he was still alive. That he still had needs that could not be ignored.
Yet Loki ignored them still, allowed that raw ache to define him as he worked hard at causing mayhem and mischief for not only his brother but those whom Thor had allied himself with.
For well over a year, he had refused to appease the ache that kept him from ever truly resting, ignoring the fact that he was starving himself of the nourishment that his body needed to function properly. He didn't realize until later that ignoring just one thing he needed, that not
:iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 2 0
Yu-Gi-Oh: Endear
Warnings: alternate universe, fusion fic, consent issues, minor angst
Please read the author's notes below. Nothing will make sense if you skip them.
Everything happens. Not necessarily for a reason, but everything happens.
That's the only way I can explain what's happened in the past thirty-odd hours to change my entire life.
Thirty hours ago, or somewhere around then, my best friend did my twin and me the biggest favor ever just because we asked it of him. Granted, he probably would have done it if just Katsuya had asked, but we all wanted it. Whatever the reason, Bakura used his talents and managed to separate Marik and me into two individual people rather than two people sharing one body.
Twenty-nine hours and fifty minutes ago, I realized that I wasn't anything extraordinary anymore; everything ahmet went to Marik, leaving me purely human. Weird, after spending my entire life up til that point as a half-ahmet vegetarian, but kind of nice. I'd gla
:iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 0 0
X-Men First Class: Bittersweet
Warnings: alternate universe, hurt/comfort, family
It was like losing a limb.
There was really no other way to explain what he was feeling right now, other than those six simple (not simple, never simple, wrong, wrong, wrong) words that he couldn't bring himself to speak. And not only because of the macabre fact that, to be frank, he had technically lost a limb. Two limbs, if one wanted to be picky.
The fact remained, however, that that was exactly how it felt to not feel Erik's presence any longer.
For some two, three, four months, from the moment Charles dove into freezing water and at the same time into the other man's mind, Erik had always been no more than a thought away. There was an easy camaraderie between them, more than just two men with a similar-yet-different genetic quirk yet not quite the basis for some groovy love story like the kind Raven obsessed over.
Whatever it was, Charles had grown used to it. He had come to expect to awaken in the morn
:iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 2 0
X-Men Crossover: Genetics
Warnings: runaway, hurt/comfort with emphasis on the comfort part, alternate universe, self-esteem boost
Background found at
These people were quite unlike anyone he'd ever met before, but for some reason he felt that they were more like him than his own family.
Well, those who he'd thought were his family, adopted freak that he was.
But no, no. Freak was something that the blond young man had referred to as a four-letter word (although didn't it have five letters? It would take a lifetime to understand these people...) in this house, and while he was unusual in his way, so was everyone else.
The blond himself – Alex Summers – had a fairly unnerving talent of shooting energy from his torso, although he tended to channel it through his hands. A redhead by the name of Sean Cassidy could produce screams on
:iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 1 0
Avengers: Resurrection
Warnings: (temporary) hearing loss, hospitalization, hurt/comfort
This really wasn't one of his better ideas.
To be perfectly honest with himself, he hadn't been having very good ideas at all since falling from the Bifrost; even that itself hadn't been a stellar idea. He'd simply thrown himself to whatever the Norns had outlined for him, and apparently those wenches had a twisted sense of humor.
A suicidal drop from the Bifrost had only been the first of a long string of bad ideas. Falling to Midgard should have been viewed by him as a second chance, an opportunity to build a life for himself where he wasn't overshadowed by Thor's achievements, all he had to do was go anywhere but Puente Antiguo. Yet for some reason it had seemed like a good idea to render himself invisible and possess the mind of one of his brother's pet mortals.
This was followed by manipulating the old man into a position where he could ride along to snatch the Cosmic Cube for h
:iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 2 1
Avengers: 4 People + 1 Person
Warnings: humor, crack, very AU, and potentially a bit OOC... but most of these folks haven't appeared yet in the movie universe so this is how my brain makes 'em work XD
4 People Who Thought This Shape-shifting Stuff Was Weird and the 1 Person Who Wasn't Even Fazed
Hank Pym aka Yellowjacket
Hank had never been the type to jump when startled. Hell, when one spent most of his time either very (very) small or very (very) tall, there wasn't a whole lot that could scare him.
Still, there was only one valid reaction a guy could have when a giant fucking snake literally fell on his head.
"Jesus Mary and Joseph!" he not-yelped, not-flailing and managing to toss said BFS off of himself. The snake somehow broke about five laws of physics to slow its abrupt flight and land on the back of Tony's chair. Tony didn't even flinch, either used to BFSes appearing out of nogoddamnwhere or too damn hung-over to care.
"L'ki g'off m'head."
Hank blinked, beca
:iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 4 2
Inception Fic: Forgeries
Warnings: not really angst but unhappiness, self-hatred, mild slash, hurt/comfort
Eames preferred the life of a freelance forger, picking up jobs with whoever managed to convince him that it was worth his while to take on the challenge. The team dynamic just wasn't for him, especially when those teams had a "family" vibe to them.
Especially when he knew just how little the extractors (and point men, and architects, and chemists save Yusef) who contracted him really thought of him.
They believed that he was uneducated, or that he was a university or an upper forms dropout, or that he was a womanizer, or that he was an indiscriminate man-slut, or that he was an unrepentant partier. None of the extractors (or point men, or architects, or chemists save Yusef) who contracted him was crude enough to say anything to his face, and Eames was content enough to let them think he had no idea what they said about him. Because he really didn't mind what they thought or said when he wasn't aro
:iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 0 0
Thor Fic: Epithet
Warnings: angst, mention of canon "death," hurt/comfort (emphasis on the hurt side)
Asgard celebrates the return of Thor, the awakening of Odin, and the fact that Jotunheim was not destroyed in spite of how events played out. They celebrate the fall of the one who would have, could have, been the end for them all. They do not truly see Odin, or Frigga, or Thor during this. They do not see the pain they share as a family.
Odin wonders to himself if he is responsible for everything that has happened. Did he mold Loki into what he had become - jealous, spiteful, willing and able to destroy an entire realm without remorse - by his actions? Had he done it through his inactions? Had he shown more favor to his eldest son, his son by blood, and less regard to the child he had saved? Should he have told both his sons the truth of Loki's birth and parentage while they were still young enough to adapt to the harsh reality rather than have it revealed in such a traumatizing manner?
:iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 2 0
Earrings 9-24-2011 by jounouchichan Earrings 9-24-2011 :iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 1 0 Deviant ID by jounouchichan Deviant ID :iconjounouchichan:jounouchichan 0 3
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Sometimes I write. And sometimes I remember to upload my stories here once they're complete.

I also dabble a bit in steampunk costuming. I don't have a real persona, but I love seeing what I can come up with!
  • Listening to: My heater running cuz it's like 10F outside
So, holy shit. It's been nearly three years since the last time I submitted anything here... fanfic, my crappy art, a journal entry, anything. And that's pretty much all on me, because my life has been a bit too RL in the past little while to really focus on fanworks.

In brief, this is a rundown of the past few years since my 2011 Goin' to Dragon*Con post:
  • Fell most of the way out the Transformers fandom due to personal issues
  • Started refocusing most of my fanwork on the Marvel universe, specifically the MCU
  • Fell in love with Sherlock
  • Fell in love with Teen Wolf
  • Got a job offer in the Atlanta area in early 2013
  • Left my job at FSU
  • Moved to Decatur in August 2013
  • Got laid off from the job in November 2013
  • Was on Florida unemployment for a month
  • Got hired at the newest Movie Tavern property in Roswell in early December as a food runner
  • Am in the process of being promoted to server as of this Monday

So, yeah.

I'm still writing from time to time, but all of my stuff has been pretty much going directly up on AO3; my username over there is Katsuko.

And... that's about it. I've been here faving stuff, but I'm mostly just doing my thing elsewhere.




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